Real Estate

A portfolio brokered for major real estate funds containing a range of products designed in collaboration with the major players in real estate finance.
SOPABROKER is also innovating in the real estate insurance segment with a unit dedicated to investment funds that manage large real estate portfolios typically consisting of dozens of properties located throughout Italy and abroad.

Innovating, for us, has meant building a system that would add value to all parties involved in the segment, the client of course, the insurance companies who perceive the extreme size of the sums insured and the large burdens of risk as being a critical situation, the experts and the direct repair companies

This includes not just insurance products but such activities as:

  • Research into the risk profile with geographical coding of locations and the evaluation of the indexes for determining the correct maximum insurable indemnity (single and catastrophic);
  • Support with valuation of insured assets with contractual adjustments in the case of special requirements in respect of assets of historical or artistic value;
  • The possibility of placing on the market complicated insurance guarantees such as: terrorism for sensitive locations, unclaimed fee refunds, including with "excess of loss" programmes;
  • Providing a solution to the management of high frequency damage by placing into the client's and insurance company's value chain companies that specialise in primary care and repair of such damage
  • The possibility of immediate securing of site it by the loss event, management of the research, repairs to and settlement of the loss or damage concerned;
  • Support for asset management companies in assessing the issues related to insurance contracts with companies appointed to manage "property";
  • Valuation of professional indemnity cover of the SGR and agencies (fidelity for the collection of lease payments and rents).

This is simple design concept, much more complex to produce, but which has created a self-feeding triangle where all stakeholders derive value:

  • The client is bureaucratically supported with a considerable amount of work being carried out on the management of minor damage and reassurance in terms of the immediate safety of the site and the speed of the repair;
  • The client company will appreciate a significant reduction of the impact of the loss event, the timely identification of any third party liability and will also benefit from a lower average cost of claim as a result of a previously shared list.

What seemed impossible a short time ago has now become reality and SOPABROKER, in this segment too, is creating new, more refined forms of coverage for the operators of real estate funds.